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DAMWON might start Worlds without Nuguri

Korean team DAMWON Gaming is one of the favorites to win this years’ League of Legends Worlds title. But one of their most important players might turn up a little late to the party.

DAMWON Gaming’s top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is currently one of the most promising players in the LCK and an essential part of the team. Due to a much needed surgery he might miss the first few days of Worlds though.

The young player suffered from pneumothorax, a lung disease that is caused by air pockets forming in parts of the lungs that can cause them to collapse. The condition required surgery for Nuguri.

Will he be ready for the World Championships?

Because of the operation, the Korean top laner can not meet his team in Shanghai on schedule. Originally he should have joined his teammates who will arrive in Shanghai on September 11th. The hospital has scheduled to discharge him on the 13th.

According to his organization, Ha-gwon is doing well after surgery and recovering quickly.

Now he is set to leave for Shanghai on September 18th, where he will have to stay in quarantine for two more weeks because of the strict corona regulations at the event. Worlds start on the 25th, but DAMWON’s first match will be on October 3rd.

In case everything works out, Nuguri should be able to play with his team in time. The strict bubble system at Worlds should also minimize risk of infection for staff and players, which is essential for the Korean player’s health.

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Image credit: DAMWON Gaming