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Damwon Kia denies MAD Lions an upset in a 5 game series

In a tight 5 game series, Damwon Kia narrowly won against MAD Lions. Bound to meet RNG in the finals, ShowMaker’s incredible series bodes well for the LCK team.

Despite a strong showing, MAD Lions lost out in an incredibly close 5 game series against Damwon Kia. In game one, MAD Lions showed their ability to gain individual leads and outplay players of the highest caliber.

Damwon Kia continuously banked on late-game favored, scaling compositions contingent on withstanding these punishing early games. While this may have worked out in game one, MAD’s botlane largely denied this in game two.

Carzzy’s game impact proved invaluable in the middle two games of the series. In game 2 alone, Carzzy made up 28.8% of MAD’s gold share and 39% of the team’s damage. Game 3 continued this trend, prioritizing comfort picks for their overachieving solo laners. Wild swings in the gold lead resulted in chaotic, scattered fights which ultimately landed in MAD’s favor.

Off the back of Elyoya, who has had an incredible first international event, MAD Lions started with another great early game. Carzzy’s equally excellent early game resulting in a kill and +15 CSD@10 was nullified in the midgame as he ended 2/6/1. In an attempt to convert his individual success into game wins, ShowMaker targeted enemy carries.

Damwon’s mid/jungle synergy alone won them the series, Canyon’s constant presence on Rumble enabling ShowMaker to find their second win.

Tied 2-2, the series ended in an anticlimactic landslide win for Damwon Kia. With full jungle and map control, Damwon unshackled their restraints in game five with a 23 minute win. Seemingly unstoppable in game 5, this one-sided series winning game doesn’t discount the valiant effort MAD Lions put up. Contending with the top teams throughout MSI 2021.

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