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DAMWON Gaming World Championship skins revealed by Riot

As is tradition, the skins for current League of Legends World Champions DAMWON Gaming have been revealed by Riot Games.

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Riot Games went on to showcase the in-game models for the skins on Twitter with a video. The champions that have been chosen for a skin are Nidalee, Kennen, Twisted Fate, Jhin and Leona, which will all feature a white and blue color scheme. Aside from a visual change to the abilities of the champions, which have also been altered with the white and blue colors, the skins will also have unique recall animations, which feature the signatures of the players within it. 

When it comes to Worlds skins it’s the first time that Nidalee, Kennen, Twisted Fate and Leona have gotten one. Jhin however already received a Worlds skin back in 2016 courtesy of SKT T1, when he was chosen by Bang following SKT’s win over Samsung Galaxy in the finals. The skins are already available on the Public Beta Environment right now to be tested out by players.

Aside from the Worlds Skins, Riot Games also revealed the Conqueror Jax skin, which featured the MSI trophy.

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Image Credit: Riot Games