DAMWON and JD Gaming advance from Group B
October 9, 2020
League of Legends

DAMWON Gaming and JD advance from Group B – Rogue eliminated

The Group of Death at this year’s Worlds has concluded and the two favorites have made it through. Korean DAMWON Gaming will snatch the first seed after JD Gaming stumbled against PSG.Talon. European hope Rogue was eliminated in last place.

After the group draw finished many immediately pegged Group B as the Group of Death of Worlds 2020. With the LCK’s first seed and the LPL’s second seed chances for Rogue or Play-In team PSG.Talon were never too high in the first place.

DAMWON secure first seed

Heading to Shanghai as heavy favorites DAMWON Gaming performed up to their fearsome reputation throughout the groupstage and will enter the quarterfinals as first seed. Although many were looking forward to the final match of the day to decide the seeding. JD Gaming stumbled early on against PSG.Talon and the LCK’s top seed easily secured first place in Group B.

Even their final loss against JD Gaming in the last match of the day did not matter as their 5-1 record still surpasses JD’s 4-2. While the single loss does not matter too much in the big picture DAMWON surely would have loved to go flawless for the groups.

Rogue finish in last place

Although only few fans predicted Rogue to make it through the tough group their elimination in last place still comes as a shock for the European team. Going 1-5 throughout the group they only won against PSG.Talon in the first week. Their small chance rested on a victory against DAMWON in the first game of the day, but they could not stand up to Korea’s finest and then collapsed in the following two games after elimination.

Redemption for PSG.Talon

PSG.Talon had dominated the Play-Ins before the group stages with their ragtag band of stand-ins. Come the main event they went 0-3 as lack of practice with their usual five caught up and showed against stronger opponents.

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For week two the PCS’ second seed shook off their 0-3 prior record to end the tournament 2-4 after beating JD Gaming and Rogue in the process. Which marks a bittersweet end for the sensation of the Play-Ins.

DAMWON and JD join Suning and G2, who secured their quarterfinals appearance yesterday.

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Image Credit: Riot Games/LoL Esports
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