August 31, 2020
Call of Duty

Dallas Empire crown themselves champions of the Call of Duty League

The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League has come to an end. After a rough transition to online play in the wake of the pandemic, Dallas Empire has taken home the title and $1,500,000 US-Dollar.

The Call of Duty League (CDL) was launched this year by Activision as another franchise league besides the Overwatch League. After the regular season finished Dallas Empire and Atlanta Faze faced off in a Best-of-9 Grand Final on August 30. Dallas started with a 1-0 advantag as they won the Winner Bracket match against Atlanta as well. In the rematch the eventual champions dispatched of Faze with a 5-1 scoreline to claim the first title of the new league.

Atlanta FaZe had went into the playoffs as first seed ahead of Dallas on second place. But in the end Dallas was too strong for Atlanta to handle.

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