October 23, 2020

CS:GO – Workshop skins that made it into the game

In CS:GO it is possible to create your own gun skins and to share them with the community. Some of the most popular ones get added to the game. We show you which fanmade skins already made it and which ones are very popular currently.

Currently, there are more than 1000 different weapon designs available in CS:GO. Still, many fans realize their own ideas for gun skins. In the steam community tab Workshop these designs can be published for everyone to see. Some of those already got implemented into the game.

The most recent Workshop skins that are playable in CS:GO

The AK-47 Asiimov is one of the most beloved skins in CS:GO. It was created by steam user Coridium and uploaded to the workshop. But there is more:

Popular skins on Reddit

There are a lot of user designs that have not made it onto the game yet. Here you can find some of the most upvoted ones:

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Image Credit: Reddit; Steam
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