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CS:GO – Wallhack and other Console Commands for your Training Config

If you want to improve in Counter-Strike you have to get to know the maps. The easiest way to familiarize yourself with those is training on them with a special training config.

Practicing grenade line-ups, timings and more are an integral part of improving in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. To get to know the maps better it would also be great to just be able to walk through it without getting shot at. In order to do all these things you should create a training config.

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How to install a new config

A config is a .cfg-file that automatically runs commands for you in CS:GO on demand. This enables you to start up a private match to fly through the map, see grenade trajectories and more.

In order to execute a config in-game, you need to first create the file and save it in the correct directory on your PC. This is the file path it should end up in:

Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Counter-Strike Global Offensive -> csgo -> cfg

The folder will also contain the currently existing configs, so make sure to not overwrite old files with your new ones or you could lose your base settings.

You can find our recommended training config here. Of course you can adjust it to your personal preference.

How to use your new training config

To execute the file in-game you need to open up your console in CS:GO before jumping into a private match on the map of your choice, so make sure your console has been bound to a key prior.

Once you are on the map, open up the console and type in the command “exec training.cfg”. This will run the settings and basically turn the private match into your own personal training space. Rounds do not end after the timer expires, you have infinite money to buy all the weapons and equipment you wish for and you are also immortal. If you hit F1 you will also activate noclip, which allows you to fly through the map.

For grenade training you will also see the trajectory of your utility and much more. Here are all the new functions that will get bound to your keyboard through our config.

  • F1 = Noclip activated to allow flying through the map
  • F2 = Place bot
  • F3 = Targeted bot crouches
  • F4 = Targeted bot stands up
  • F5 = Wallhack
  • F6 = Wallhack off
  • F7 = Adds a bot to the CTs
  • F8 = Adds a bot to the Ts
  • F11 = Thrown smoke grenades disappear faster
  • F12 = Throws your last grenade again automatically

Equipped with all these training functions you should have the ideal environment to improve your CS:GO skills in private matches. Make sure to also personalize your config in case you prefer other options during training. Just edit the provided config or create your own. You can find a list of all console commands here.

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