New Beta Branch Client for CS:GO
June 27, 2020

CS:GO – Valve increases anti-cheating efforts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developer Valve has stepped up their efforts to combat cheaters in their game.

In a blog post on June 26 they introduced an optional beta branch of the game client. The new beta branch will significantly restrict third-party programs interacting with CS:GO.

Should you launch the game with incompatible files under the new beta client the game will display a warning that indicates the incompatible file. Access to VAC-enabled (Valve Anti-Cheat) servers might also be restricted as long the file in question in active. Should you choose to keep using the file, you must disable “Trusted Launch” inside the game settings. This action will affect the trust score bound to your account.

If third-party programs want to avoid getting flagged by the new client they have to fulfill additional requirements set by Valve. All DLL-type files that interact with CS:GO will need to be digitally signed with an Authenticode signature, and even then the DLL might be blocked if it interferes with the game.

Cheater have been a long-standing problem in the scene. The new beta branch aims to improve player experience on Valve servers. If you wish to opt into the beta client follow the instructions on the official website here:

Official CS:GO Blog

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Image Credit: Valve
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