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CS:GO update introduces new maps Mutiny and Swamp

On July 23 Valve released a new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Besides a couple of bugfixes the developers also introduced new maps to Scrimmage.

New community maps have arrived in CS:GO. Swamp and Mutiny will be replacing Chlorine and Jungle in the official game modes. You can try out the new additions via Scrimmage without endangering your rank.

The bugfixes in the update deal with smaller issues. Most notable is probably that the explosion from decoy grenades no longer deal damage to teammembers. You can read the full patch notes here:

New maps introduced

Just like Anubis prior, we might be seeing new maps Swamp and Mutiny in the competitive matchmaking mappool. So we took a closer look at them for you.

Mutiny takes place on an island, which must be defended by the CTs from pirates. The map has several choke points and feels very narrow. To compensate for that the skybox on the map is completely open, enabling massive room for creative grenade usage.

Nevertheless the map seems too complex for a spot in the competitive mappool. But with several adjustment it might just be one of the prettiest maps that makes the cut.

Swamp has a very unique layout compared to other maps. The pathways all lead through the eponymous swamp with lots of open space for snipers to excel. Another aspect of Swamp are the thin walls, which make Wallbangs into a formidable threat. Swamp currently does not feel like a map designed for tournaments, but still offers quite a breath of fresh air to the map pool.

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Image Credit: Valve
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