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BIG CS:GO Guide Major Rio de Janeiro RMR

CS:GO – The RMR-ranking explained

For the next CS:GO major a completely new qualification system has been introduced. We show you how it works.

The Regional Major Ranking (RMR) is the new system to decide who will compete in november’s major. The event is set to be held in Rio de Janeiro with a prize pool of 2 million Dollars. Due to the current pandemic, some people believe it will be postponed or relocated.

Teams and players will also profit from graffiti and stickers being sold in game. There are high stakes to be played for.

How do the teams qualify?

The major that was originally planned for this summer had to be canceled. Since last years major slots don’t show current team strengths, all organisations have to qualify again.

Since all tournaments are split into different regions, every region has its own Regional Major Ranking, which is where the name comes from. Also, not every region is the same in team count and strenth.

That’s why Europe and NA each get three legend spots for the next major. Teams reaching the top three in those regions will be able to skip the New Challengers stage in november.

Smaller regions like Asia, Oceania and South America only receive one contender slot. Only the best team of each region can advance to the new challengers stage.

Here’s the different slots for each region:


  • top 1-3: legend slot
  • top 4-9: challenger slot
  • top 10-11: contender slot

North America

  • top 1-3: legend slot
  • top 4: challenger slot
  • top 5: contender slot


  • top 1-2: legend slot
  • top 3: challenger slot
  • top 4-5: contender slot

Asia, Oceania, South America

  • top 1 per region: contender slot
How can teams gather points?

The points are a reward for good placements in the RMR tournaments. Evil Geniuses for example gained 2000 points by winning cs_summit 6. For now, there are three of those tournaments in each region.

The later tournaments will reward more ponits than the previous ones. That’s why Gen.G only received 1600 points for winning Road to Rio.

Additionally, teams that reached the playoofs in last year’s major got a small bonus of 300 to 800 points based on how they placed.

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Image Source: ESL, unsplash.com / Gabriel Rissi