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CS:GO – New Patch fixes Nades

Another new patch has arrived from Valve. This time they finally tackled the ancient bugs regarding Grenades.

The newest update to CS:GO is quite explosive with several bugs regarding Grenades being fixed.
Especially the egregious problems linked to stairs and corners in conjunction with HE grenades were under Valve’s scrutiny.

Valve reacting to Reddit

Another long-running bug that has finally been fixed regards picking up weapons. When players died while having their grenade out it dropped next or on top of his weapon. This caused major issues for other players trying to pick them up as reddit-users birkir and kinsi55 have pointed out.

Why picking up weapons fails when a grenade is next to them, a dive into the sourcecode. (Volve plz fix?) from r/GlobalOffensive

Valve reacted quickly and brought the fixes in today’s patch next to a couple of other issues that have plagued the game for a while.
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