Der Retake Modus Könnte Bald Offiziell Werden
June 12, 2020

CS:GO: Is an official “Retake” game mode on its way?

Counter-Strike players have long enjoyed playing “Retake” modes. As of now that was only possible on community servers as Valve has not officially supported a new game mode. Dataminers have now discovered hints for an offical game mode.

One of the most important aspects in CS:GO is retaking a bombsite with the correct tactic. More often than not CTs need to recover a lost bombsite to defuse the bomb and special game modes emulating the situation have become quite popular.

Retake as new official game mode?

To simulate retakes the community game mode cuts a map in half as only a single bomb can be planted per round. Reddit user “Forest_Technicality” has now shared information on Reddit, that hints at Valve preparing maps for an official game mode.

According to him the most recent update also introduced new barriers on Mirage and Inferno. These are only visible if viewed with the Hammer editor.

Mirage A Site Retake
Hints in the editor for a Retake game mode on Mirage.

The barriers were titled “retake.asite” and “retake.bsite” accordingly. As they are also without function as of now, they are very likely to see use in a future update.

New 1vs1 arenas on Mirage

Besides the mysterious barriers Forest_Technicality has also found new arenas for 1vs1 on Mirage as you would encounter in the Wingman game mode. These are not accessible via normal matchmaking, but Mirage is also not implemented for the Wingman mode. Forest_Technicality speculates that they might be used for warmup phases before Retake.

Although these are exciting findings we need to stress that it is still speculation. Valve has not announced anything and judging from the breadcrumbs present the developer might have just started working on it with no clear release schedule in place yet. We will of course keep you updated once more information becomes available.

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Image Credit: Valve
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