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CS:GO – 13-year old goes pro

How old is old enough for esport? According to BOOM Esports 13-years old is just fine as they signed a 13-year old young talent.

The Brazillian João “⁠Snowzin⁠” Vinicius has been signed to BOOM Esports on July 21. As 13-year old he is now the record holder for youngest Counter-Strike: Global Offesnive professional.

Snowzin will be attending the South American tournament Gamers Club Masters V as backup for Boom Esports from July 30 to August 2.
In a statement for HLTV Snowzin said: “I feel very happy to join BOOM Esports even if it is for one tournament, It really is a dream come true and I believe this is a result of my dedication. I’m ready to show my skills for the team.”

Boom Esports noticed the youth talent first through his streams. Although he is not a permenent member of the roster for now, Snowzin might just be the next great prodigy coming to CS:GO. Under the tutelage of the other team members, who are currently ranked first in the South American RMR table, Snowzin is sure to improve even further.

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Image Credit: BOOM Esports