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CS:GO 101 – Tips on becoming a good AWPer

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained in the finest detail, allowing you to become a professional player before you can say “Rush B!”.

In this article the AWP is the point of focus, filled with tips on how to become better at using it.

Tip 1: Know the rifle

Quite straightforward to start off with, being a good AWPer is centred around that legendary rifle, the AWP. There are a few details you should have in your mind at all times. It will set you back $4750 and has a magazine size of 10. You get 40 bullets in total when you buy it, which will be more than enough for an entire round.

When it comes down to handling, the AWP is a large, unwieldy weapon. It will significantly slow you down if you are carrying it in your hands, and accuracy without scoping is non-existent. It comes with an incredibly slow rate of fire due to its bolt-action nature. On the other hand, it is a one-shot kill weapon from the waist up. There is no weapon quite like it in the entire game.

Tip 2: Handle it properly, position well

Now that you know what to expect from the AWP, you will need to keep a few things in mind about handling the weapon. Due to its slow and clunky nature, the AWP requires careful usage. You need to keep in mind that the best way the rifle works is at range, and it will be your responsibility to keep an acceptable distance between you and your enemies. It also will not hurt to have some cover handy you can fall back behind, in case you get engaged.

That makes positioning another key aspect. You need to learn which positions are dedicated spots for AWPers or figure out for yourself where you can hunker down to anticipate upcoming opponents. An AWP that is stuck in a dead-end position is not worth anything. At the start of the round, you must go for the spot where you can scope out and start picking away at your enemies. Think of Window in Mirage, staying in T Spawn on Dust2, Banana on Inferno, … The options are endless.

Simultaneously, avoid constantly going for the same spots. Otherwise, the enemy team is going to recognise your patterns within two or three rounds; before you know it you can start tanking molotovs or enjoy sitting in a cloud of smoke. You will also want to move back from your location when you have gotten a kill, unless you know the next enemies are about to rush in right away again. This only really happens in situations where you are already fighting up close and personal.

Tip 3: Think about the team and monetary value

The power of the AWP is the early destruction it can let loose on the enemy team. If you as an AWPer can start the round by taking out two enemy players, you have just turned a five versus five into a five versus three. This is massive. That is the kind of responsibility you can carry on your shoulders in this role. You are a vital part of the team that cannot be missed, but also a luxury.

An AWP is one of the most expensive rifles in the game. With a price tag of $4750 going for it means a solid investment and a lot of money down the drain that can serve plenty of other functions. As such, you will want to be careful with this expensive piece of equipment. Do not be that person with the crazy attempts that just end up with you losing the AWP four out of five times. That means you just lost your team a gigantic bunch of money they could have also used.

Tip 4: You still have a pistol

It is quickly forgotten that you are still carrying a sidearm. Remember this when you find yourself in situations where your AWP is just not the tool for the job. Think of moments like close quarters fights where missing the first shot means you potentially losing your life. Sure, you can try that sick no-scope, but it is a gamble at best. Your pistol can be a very strong sidearm for up close, so do not forget to invest in it either. Nowadays the P250 or Tec-9 are some of the favourites, but if you really like your high rate of fire, the Five-seven might just be your pistol of choice.

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