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CS:GO 101 – Tips for playing Nuke

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained in great detail so you can become a professional player as soon as possible.

Today the most nuclear map of the entire pool will be explained: time to dive into Nuke.

Once upon a time

Nuke is definitely a classic map, as modern as it might look. It was originally developed back in the Counter-Strike 1.6 days, being a far more simple map in looks and approach at the time. As the game versions progressed, Nuke remained, being changed up rather frequently, even moving countries. Nuke used to be ridiculously CT-sided, which it only is in a minor sense nowadays. Nuke has been in the Active Duty Group for over five years.

The A site

Nuke altogether consists of large aboveground and underground terrain. The A site is the bombsite located aboveground, but around it is a vast courtyard and various access points to the building in the middle of the map. The trick to Nuke is strong control of these places, and as a counter-terrorist, holding onto it.

The first task is anticipating the terrorists. They could come via Outside, the big yard next to the building with various containers. A player in Main, the little hut before you walk onto the A site, is perfect for this. That player can listen for audio cues and quickly rotate. If they do decide to move out via Outside, expect your vision to be blocked by a smoke wall. This is an incredibly frequently played tactic to allow the terrorists to go into the building in the corner of the map, underground.

If they do not go via outside, expect them through Squeaky, the door to the left of the Hut on the site itself. You will hear and see the door being blown out. Utility will be thrown towards Main, as the terrorists need to take away vision from rotating players. Committing someone to the corner next to the second vent on the bombsite can be excellent to deal with a potential A execute. This player can attack and for example deny the terrorist bomb plant, forcing them to waste more time and giving your teammates time to move around.

As a terrorist, the A site is one with plenty of angles to check. You need a good plan to get onto it for starters and you need to know where to look. The challenge lies in the upper and floor level of the A site. Enemies can be hiding on the railing above you, behind the radioactive silos in the middle, in the corners. A smoke to give you or a teammate cover to plant can once again work perfectly. Flashes however are just as important. Counter-terrorists will otherwise have a field day as you are forced through the narrow chokepoints of the bombsite.

The B site

Far underground, past tunnels, windows, doors or just a wide ramp, you can find the B site. From whichever point you look at this site, it is not the easiest to defend or attack. Either way, you will run into some difficulties due to the seemingly endless places you will see enemies appear from.

The defence is limited by narrow chokepoints. The problem for you, on the defending side, is how many of them there are. Terrorists can come through five different spots towards the B site. Definitely put somebody on the ramp leading down to the bombsite so that they can immediately relay information to the rest, when the Ts have gone for a quick B push.

Your rotations have to be swift and decisive to keep the site well-defended. As always, be sure to use your utility: an incendiary can force all terrorists through one doorway coming from ramp, either delaying them or making for easier targets. You might also try to toss a smoke down to obscure the bomb location, but remember how this can be risky for you as well.

The attack will be more successful if you manage to chip away at the CT players beforehand: you need to divide the players and slow down their rotations. That way two or three players can take the B site with ease, utilising some extra utility such as a smoke to at the very least commit to the bomb plant. The trick with tacking the B site lies in getting your bomb down, and then playing a game with your enemy. Force them to check every nook and cranny before being able to defuse, and drag out that bomb timer.

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