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Could Vitality be a new threat in the LEC? – G2 extract revenge on MAD Lions

The LEC Summer Split started off with a semi-final rematch between G2 and MAD Lions, but did Vitality have the best showing?

After a strong showing at MSI, the returning Spring Champions, MAD Lions, are now tasked with defending their domestic title. A stacked day of games have shown that this will be a difficult endeavor for the young roster. Though some teams are still recoiling from dramatic offseason change, the LEC competition have appeared to return as strong as ever.

G2 strike down MAD Lions

MAD Lions may have ended G2’s two year dynasty in the LEC, but G2 struck first blood in day one of the LEC. G2 were also the first team to flex the Viego pick, putting it into the toplane for Martin “Wunder” Hansen. Wunder on the pick was an absolute menace in the early game, accruing the single largest gold and CS lead at 15 minutes.

Keeping a firm lead through the entirety of the game, G2 had a strong finish. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson’s impressive Prowler’s Claw into Varus ult stun, soon followed by Wunder’s outplay in the bottom lane, finally let G2 into the enemy’s base.

Vitality’s new look has a strong debut

New blood has entered the LEC every year from countless ERLs. This new talent has had incredible impact on the European LoL scene, MAD Lions being the most recent case. Vitality pulled out an almost entirely new roster from the amateur scene, bringing on Enzo “SLT” Gonzalez and Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov. Joining several other known favorites in the LEC, Vitality very quickly became 2021 Summer’s most anticipated team.

In their first showing, Vitality lived up to the hype by leading off with the most one-sided, landslide game of the day. Vitality finished with an 11.5K gold advantage and limited Schalke to only one kill and two towers. If Vitality can repeat this type of coordination against top of the standing teams, they could pose a formidable threat in the LEC.

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Image Credit: Riot Games (Michal Konkel)