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Controversy and accusations in EPIC League CS:GO RMR event

The Epic League 2021 Spring has recently raised some eyebrows as they’re the subject of multiple controversies and cheating accusations.

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Fifth place decider match controversy

Natus Vincere were supposed to play the fifth-place decider match against Entropiq, but both teams decided not to play in mutual agreement. They went on to speak to Valve about the situation, who told them they’d lose their RMR points if they didn’t play the match, instead of splitting it evenly between the two of them. Entropiq and later also Natus Vincere went on to agree to play the match so as to not lose their points.

Star player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev spoke out about the tournament on Twitter in response to journalist Duncan “Thorin” Shield, saying they failed to uphold a certain level of fairness and lacked the right security measures. “Epic League: No anticheat, no TeamSpeak record, no replays, no info about future matches for 5th-6th place.”

Questions about fair play

Other rumors surfaced in regards to Akuma (qualifying through closed qualifiers), who went on to finish in third place, beating teams such as NaVi and Virtus.Pro in playoffs. With players already speaking out about the lack of anti-cheat measures, questions have risen about fair play. NaVi player s1mple also spoke on this issue: “I don’t want to believe that Akuma (5 players from UA) could use someone’s help.I f this is true, then this is the maximum disrespect not only for the organizations, but also for all the players of the RMR tournament.”

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