September 23, 2020

Complexity player oBo benches himself and returns to United States

The 17-year old Owen “oBo” Schlatter will be stepping down from the Complexity roster after making the decision to bench himself and returns to the United States. The news on the benching itself was announced by the CEO of Complexity, Jason Lake, in a press conference.

Originally oBo would have stayed with the team for the ESL Pro League Playoffs, but he has since returned to his home country after voicing some concerns about travelling and staying in Europe. Lake also said that oBo is stepping down from the Complexity roster and that they are looking for a North American team for him to play on.

With oBo travelling back Complexity had to find a replacement player for the Dreamhack Open Fall Qualifier, which was found in the team’s coach Jamie “Keita” Hall. Things didn’t go as planned for the roster as they fell to Portuguese team sAw, falling to the lower bracket where they’ll find Finnish side SJ.

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Jason Lake said that they are looking for a replacement for oBo and the Complexity roster but that might prove to be a rather difficult task. Lake talked about current buyouts for certain players and how they are rather high, hoping to find a replacement without being ‘extorted’. Chances are that Complexity will not find a new player in time for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 12, leading to them being forced to use emergency substitutes.

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Image source: Complexity / oBo
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