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Complexity and Mousesports find their way into the IEM Cologne 2021 Main Event

The second and final day of play-ins saw the final IEM Cologne 2021 spots fill out.

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The final day of IEM Cologne 2021 saw Renegades, Complexity, Mousesports, and Spirit all make it to the main event. All coming in from the lower bracket, these teams performed when it mattered the most. Now in the main event, these teams will have very little second chances. How did they perform on their final day of play-ins though, and what can we expect from them?

Complexity make the cut

After a year of middling results and World Power Rankings, Complexity crossed the final hurdle to make it to the IEM Cologne main event. Facing off against LDLC, this final fight against the surging French roster ended in a 2-0 for the side of Complexity. On Dust2, a tight 7-8 half made it anyone’s game. A second half showing from Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke saw Complexity take the map.

Mirage was a much more decisive map for Complexity, ultimately ending 6-16. K0nfig found 30 total frags and an impressive 104 ADR in the two game series. Showing both impressive performances and disappointing losses, we can’t be sure what to expect from Complexity in the main event.

Mousesports ends EG’s IEM hopes

Both Mousesports and Evil Geniuses had been on the upswing despite roster moves prior to the play-ins. Both teams faced off in an elimination match that decided who would advance to the main event.

Robin “ropz” Kool had a career performance as he found 55 total frags in the two game series. With an incredible 117 ADR and 78.8% KAST, Ropz has continued to be a steady rock for this mousesports roster. Now into the main event, we will have to see if Ropz’s incredible performance can translate into IEM Cologne.

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