November 17, 2020
League of Legends

Community outrage leads to item-nerfs and hotfixes in patch 10.24

The LoL preseason causes a lot of noise because of its new item system. Riot Games is now fixing some of the items while also focussing on the next update.

The completely reworked item system in League of Legends went live on November 11 with patch 10.23 and caused a lot of disturbance in the community. People dislike the changes to the in-game shop and some of the items that mainly strengthen tanky champions. Riot Games is now fixing those items, as gameplay designer Mark Yetter announced on Twitter.

The exact changes have not yet been announced. The list of items does however give a clue about the champions that are about to be hit. Nerfing Ludens Tempest, Riftmaker, and Liandries Anguish slows down mages a lot, while the nerf to Eclipse might hurt assassins.

Some items will also be buffed: AD-Carries will be happy about the better Kraken Slayer, so will support players be about the buff to Moonstone Renewer. Riot also apparently wants to increase magic damage for junglers, they have not yet settled on an item for that though.

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Changes to champions

The list also mentions some of the champions that will be changed in patch 10.24. Samira’s name is on the to be nerfed-list once again together with Kayle and jungle-champ Hecarim. Only Tryndamere is to receive a buff so far.

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Image Credit: Twitter @RiotAether
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