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Cloud9 brings back Svenskeren as substitute jungler

In an interesting move, LCS Team Cloud9 has decided to bring back Svenskeren as their substitute jungler.

Cloud9 went on to announce the news yesterday, welcoming back Svenskeren and announcing that he’ll be joining the team as a substitute player in the process, of course leaving Blaber as the starting jungler. “Sven rejoins the Cloud9 family as a substitute player! (and, of course, to make C9 Zven/Sven even more confusing). Welcome back Dennis!” Svenskeren and Cloud9 have some history, as he played for them in 2018 and 2019 and participated in Worlds.

The move did raise some questions from fans, as Cloud9 arguably already has a stacked roster when it comes to junglers with Blaber and Malice. At this point it’s unclear exactly what role Svenskeren will fulfill aside from his status as a substitute player, but he’ll certainly be useful for the in-house scrims and training schedule Cloud9 has in place.

Cloud9 has been performing very well in the LCS as of late, even after letting head coach LS go and promoting Max Waldo into the position. They currently sit at the top of the standings with an 11-2 record and an eight-game winning streak, recently beating out other contender Team Liquid in a head-to-head matchup.

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Image Credit: Cloud9
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