July 6, 2020

Cheating the cheaters in CS:GO

Are you, like many others, sick of cheaters in your competitive games? A resourceful coder took matters into his own hands.

Cheating is the bane of any competitive experience. Due to their nature, FPS games suffer from them more than a ton of other genres in the form of wallhacks, aimbots,… .Counter Strike: Global Offensive is no stranger to cheaters, especially since it has gone free to play. While the introduction of Prime status for accounts alleviates the issue somewhat, it is still far from a solved problem.

A more unorthodox approach to solve this came from Youtuber ScriptKid. After having done the same in PUBG and after a myriad of requests from his viewers, he created a fake cheat engine that was designed to spectacularly backfire on its users. A variety of punishments would then be randomly inflicted upon the would-be cheater, all aptly named. 

Personal highlights include ‘BurningMan’, which immolates the player and unbinds his movement keys for a bit, and ‘ButterFingers’, which forces a weapon drop following an attempt to shoot. The video, which can be found below, is a great experience for everyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a cheater in their game – which unfortunately is most of us.

One can only hope that Scriptkid keeps up his vigilant ways, driving away cheaters from our competitive games.

What do you think of this creative solution to cheating? Is it a minor bandaid trying to fix a big problem, or a creative grassroots attempt to discourage people further from cheating? Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our Discord!

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Image Credit:  Screenshot/ScriptKid
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