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Can Vitality make the miracle run? – Misfits stay in the top two

Vitality looked to be out of the running for playoffs, but the tide may turned.

The race for playoffs between Excel, Astralis, and Vitality has continued to tighten. Astralis took a major hit after losing to Excel, and Team Vitality drastically improved their chances with a victory over the first-placed Rogue. The French organization may just be able to complete the miracle run with a victory over Astralis tomorrow. Meanwhile, Misfits have rebounded and seem destined to finish in the top four.

Vitality seem destined to make playoffs

After their win yesterday, Astralis seemed in the lead to take the final playoff spot. Team Vitality fired back with a crucial win over Rogue, seeing one of the few times Rogue has been upset. The ERL prodigy, Adam “Lider” Ilyasov had an incredible game on Akali, living up to his mechanical potential that has been hyped ever since his re-entry into the LEC.

A three way tie between Vitality, Excel, and Astralis now complicate the future playoff brackets. Vitality will have their most crucial game of the season versus Astralis tomorrow and will need Excel to lose against G2. So far, things certainly bode well for Vitality as G2 seem to be back in form, but they will need a clean game to secure the last spot.

Misfits stay at the top

Many have expected the shoe to drop for Misfits and for their winning ways to suddenly end. Misfits have shown that they are not just a flash in the pan however, recovering from their loss yesterday by defeating SK Gaming. Misfits botlane has been a steady source of damage for the team, and once again prevailed in their most recent matchup.

Misfits are not yet locked in for a top four spot yet, but with a game over G2 and MAD Lions, they seem sure to finish strong. Few expected Misfits to continuously be so strong in Summer, but could they be the fifth team to win the LEC championship?

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