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Can G2 reclaim their legacy? – Astralis strengthen playoff chances

G2 Esports’ decisive win over MAD Lions bodes well for fans hoping to see them return to the top.

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G2 Esports may be the most decorated team in any regional league in LoL Esports history. The relatively young organization have only fallen short of first place in three seasons they have competed in. Their loss to MAD Lions in the Spring playoffs may have been their most shocking loss. The star-studded roster exacted revenge just before the end of the regular season however, and seem poised for another run at the title. Meanwhile, a team few expected to even contest for the post-season, Astralis, might just see a playoffs berth.

Can G2 win the LEC Summer playoffs?

G2 Esports had one of their better wins of the season against the reigning LEC Champions, the MAD Lions. The two former Fnatic members, Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Martin “Rekkles” Larsson both had stand out performances. While Caps finished with a perfect KDA, Rekkles’ Kalista averaged 468 DPM and found 60% kill participation.

The entirety of G2 looked on point today, as even those who had struggled thus far in the season shined. Maintaining a healthy gold lead, G2 found a comfortable win over a fellow top-of-the-table team. G2 certainly seem to be ramping up at just the right time, though still have to secure themselves a spot in the upper bracket.

Have Astralis won the playoff race?

The race for the last remaining playoff spot saw another team fall out. After their loss against Astralis, SK Gaming are no longer in playoff contention. Simultaneously, Astralis has put themselves confidently in the lead with a game over Vitality and Excel.

The next two games for all teams will be incredibly important, as Astralis will take their two rivals. A single win or loss could either solidify Astralis’ spot in the post-season or eliminate them from contention.

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