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Call of Duty pro Huke addresses his Dallas benching and Adderall use in esports

Huke, a former player of Dallas Empire and current player of Los Angeles Thieves, spoke out about Adderall use and tells the story of how he got benched.

Huke went on to post a lengthy 32-minute video to YouTube during which he talked about his adderall use, the rumors that spread around him within the community and his benching at Dallas Empire. Huke admits he used Adderall to compete, but that he is no longer on it, making a change to eat healthier and improve his mental health early on in the Call of Duty Cold War season.

Dallas’ performance has been up and down this season and during the second Major, they lost two important games, leading to the team wanting to replace Huke. Despite taking a win over Paris Legion as Stage Three of the season started, Huke was benched by the organization. According to him, Huke wasn’t informed why. “Not a single word from my teammates, not a single word about what I’m doing wrong, I’m just benched.”

Later Huke was picked up by Los Angeles Thieves and now wanted to clear the air of all the rumors circulating about him, confirming he no longer uses Adderall. According to him there’s a lot of pressure to compete when it comes to using the medicine. The use of Adderall in Call of Duty esports, and esports as a whole, has been a widely discussed topic for a long time.

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Image Credit: CDL / Dallas Empire
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