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Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship to feature huge $2 million prize pool

We finally got some more information about the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, which features a huge prize pool.

Activision released more information about the World Championship, which is presented by Sony, on their Twitter and website. The event will start on June 3 with participants from all over the world. “We are thrilled to announce the return of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship starting June 3rd! Eligible Call of Duty: Mobile players in ranked mode can compete for in-game rewards and a share of the more than $2 million season-long prize pool. Start warming up for a chance to earn a spot in the World Championship.”

To participate in the World Championship players must be 18 or older, must be level 10 or higher and must be from an eligible region. There will be five stages on the road to the World Championship itself, being Solo Play, Team Play, Regional Qualifiers and Regional playoffs. “The prize pool for the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 will be over 2 Million US Dollars over the course of the entire event. The prize money will be distributed among the Regional Playoffs and the World Championship Finals.”

Mobile gaming in esports seems to be picking up the pace, as recently League of Legends: Wild Rift hinted at a possible World Championship themselves, while ESL has been stepping up their mobile gaming division.

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Image credit: Activision