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Call of Duty legend Simp’s tips to break into professional CoD

In contrast to other games it is not always clear how you can become a pro in the Call of Duty League. Faze's Simp has

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In many esport titles there are clear paths towards the top. But for Call of Duty the road to pro is not as clear. FaZe’s Chris “Simp” Lehr has now shed some light onto the issue:

Make a name for yourself. Play the Challenger Cups and collect your Pro Points.

That was the endorsement of the official Call of Duty League Challenger Cups from Simp. If players want to reach the very top of the Call of Duty world that is the place to go to according to the pro. You can register your own team here


High performers will be able to participate in the Elite Qualifiers afterwards and also earn their first prize money there in addition to Pro Points. The tournaments there are separated by region.

If you have made it this far you have good chance to be recruited into one of the larger teams. Having active social media channels also help a lot as teams and sponsors also care about your own personal social media reach.

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Besides the regular Challenger Cups there are also the brand new “Scouting Series” now. 64 of the best players in each region will be invited to test their mettle against players from CDL teams. Performing well here also helps in promoting yourself and getting your name out there.

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Image Credits: Activision