January 13, 2021
Call of Duty

Call of Duty League starting date and pre-season event revealed

We’ve finally received more information about the upcoming Call of Duty League season, including some more pre-season information as well as the starting date. It marks the start of what is to be a very interesting season of the CDL, with fan-favorite OpTic returning to Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez and L.A. Thieves joining the fray.

We’ll get to see our first share of Call of Duty action starting January 23 to January 24, when a kick-off event will allow us to see the rosters in action before the season starts. The event is mostly here for the fans, who will also have some influence on the matchups that’ll be played through fan voting. This also means we might get to see the OpTic Chicago versus L.A. Thieves matchup early.

The Atlanta FaZe will be the ones to host the opening weekend of the Call of Duty League, which will take place from February 11 to February 14. Even though information was shared on the opening weekend, there’s no schedules of all matchups as of yet.

We’ve got quite a few changes to look forward to when it comes to the format of the Call of Duty League, most notably the switch to 4 versus 4 gameplay and all games now being played on PC. Fans of the Call of Duty League will be able to find all matches on YouTube, just like last year.

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Image Credit: Call of Duty League
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