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Call of Duty – How to unlock the new AMP-63

Just before the end of Season 3 Cold War will also get a fully automatic pistol. Here is how to unlock the new AMP-63.

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New weapon, new challenge: The AMP-63 has arrived for Call of Duty. Just like the other weapons, that were released during a season, you need to work for your unlock.

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Challenge in Warzone and Cold War

In order to play the weapon in multiplayer you need to prove yourself with pistols. In 20 different matches you need 5 kills each with a pistol. A challenge that is much easier in Cold War than in Warzone.

If you only have Warzone you should play a faster paced game mode like Rebirth or Plunder. A good weapon to use would be the Sykov. For not-so-patient players you can always just buy the newest bundle “Gamma Ray” in which you can also get the AMP-63 blueprint for roughly 10€.

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The fastest free road to the new weapon

If you think that all these challenges take too long, you can also unlock the weapon in the Zombie mode. You need to score 400 headshots with pistols to get the AMP-63 through this avenue. While the number sounds high you can progress quite fast if you make it into later rounds.

20 matches in multiplayer usually take a couple of hours, but in Outbreak you can grind your way to the weapon within 30 minutes.

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Image Credits: Activision