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Blizzard suspend professional Hearthstone player Zalae after allegations of abuse

Paul “Zalae” Nemeth won’t be able to compete in Hearthstone anymore, as he was suspended by Blizzard following allegations of abuse.

Nemeth has been under fire ever since his ex-girlfriend took to Twitter, where she posted a Twitlonger alleging he has been physically abusive towards her and that he often intimidated her. She also alleges she has tried to explain to him that his behaviour was not okay, which led to her slapping Nemeth on the arm twice. The story continues by saying Nemeth dragged her through their bedroom and tried suffocating her with a pillow.

Blizzard themselves came out with a statement on the situation that they’ve posted on Twitter, more specifically on the Hearthstone Esports Twitter account. The statement was met with mixed reactions from players and fans, saying the case of Zalae should have been investigated quicker and that action against him should have been taken sooner. “Hearthstone esports is aware of the allegations made against America’s Grandmaster, Paul “Zalae” Nemeth. Upon further review, we have suspended Zalae from competing in all Hearthstone Esports Events.”

As of now Nemeth has not yet given a public reaction on the suspension. LidlRini, who made the allegations, commented on Hearthstone’s decision. “Completely floored but I feel so heard. Thank you to everyone for pushing for a response and for believing in me.”

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Image credit: StarLadder (Screenshot)