BIG win DreamHack Masters Spring 2020
June 15, 2020

BIG upsets in DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Finals

In one of the BIGgest surprise stories of recent time BIG won the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 over G2 Esports. Coming from the Lower Bracket BIG managed to reverse sweep the Frenchmen and clinched the victory 3-2.

It has been two years since BIG last managed to crack the top four at a premier tournament. Two long years of waiting for their fans ended yesterday as they clinched the victory over G2 in a nailbiting final map.

BIG reverse sweeps G2

Having dispatched of FaZe Clan the day prior BIG reached the finals as the underdogs from the Lower Bracket. Especially when taking into consideration the 1-0 Upper Bracket Advantage G2 earned by beating BIG in the Winner’s Bracket Final earlier.

It all started well enough for the Frenchmen as they took the first map Vertigo with ease and were just one map away from securing the championship. But on Nuke and Dust 2 BIG flipped the script and plowed right over G2 to go to the decider on Mirage. Starting off strong on the CT-side G2 almost closed it out as they managed to lead the map by 14-8. But led by Florian “syrsoN” Rische BIG struck back and made it to overtime, before finishing the upset 19-17.

BIG’s upset concludes the DreamHack Masters Spring in EU which had also seen mousesports, Astralis and Fnatic eliminated early on.

FURIA take over North America

But not only on the old continent did established teams fall. Team Liquid had made an impressive run through the Lower Bracket dispatching of Gen.G, Cloud 9 and 100 Thieves to make it to the finals, but were unable to put up a fight against FURIA. Sweeping TL 3-0 (1:0 Winner Bracket advantage | 16:12 | 16:5) FURIA took home the title and emerge as a serious contender to North America’s throne.

FURIA win DreamHack Masters Spring NA
FURIA win DreamHack Masters Spring NA

The North American division also saw well-established names falter early. Evil Geniuses were shockingly eliminated in groups while mibr did not make it past the first round of playoffs.

cs_summit 6 beckons

While these victories were impressive it remains to be seen if BIG and FURIA can really break through and establish themselves in the upper echelons of teams. Their next chance to prove themselves will be the cs_summit 6 starting on June 22. cs_summit 6 is also part of the Regional Major Rankings that will determine the teams attending the Rio Major in November.

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Image Credit: DreamHack/ Stephanie ”Vexanie” Lindgren
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