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Best settings to use in Pokémon UNITE

Let’s take a look at the settings you’re able to alter in Pokémon UNITE to give you the best performance (and perhaps even an advantage).

Opening up the settings page

Before we can alter any settings in Pokémon UNITE we first have to get there. Going into the settings is actually pretty easy. Start out on the home menu and pull up your sidebar, which you can do by pressing the X button on your device. From there, go down and navigate to the ‘settings’, which you press. This will bring up a whole heap of settings you’re able to alter and customize.

We’ll mostly be looking at the System settings and general controls in this article.

System settings
  • Frame rate: High (when portable)
  • Language: Preference
  • View Fashion Items with Trainer Motions: Manual
  • Vibrate Function: Off (Preference)
  • Text Chat: On
  • Voice Chat: On
  • Colorblind: On (preference)

One of the first things you want to do, if you’re playing Pokémon UNITE on Switch in portable mode at least, is alter your frame rate. While the game will automatically play at 60 FPS if you’re playing the Switch in its docked mode, this isn’t true for when you’re playing portable, so change it up to high. A higher frame rate is preferred, especially in MOBA games, as you otherwise might miss out on key information.

The same goes for the chat functions. After all, Pokémon UNITE is a team game and you’ll need to get across as much information as possible, which is why your chat should be on at all times. Finally, you can turn off the Vibrate Function if you feel like it throws off your timing.


Basic Controls

  • Opponent Lock-On Priority: Lowest Remaining HP (Value)
  • Attack Controls: Advanced
  • Automatic Basic Attacks: Off (On when jungling)
  • Boosted Attack Gauge: On
  • Lock-On Icon: On
  • In-Motion Pursuit Distance: Standard
  • In-Motion Pursuit Mode: On
  • Scoring Controls: Hold button down
  • Camera follows Moves: Off
  • Move Aims Follows Movement Direction: Off
  • Move Aim snaps to nearby Targets: On
  • MiniMap Position: Up to preference
  • Move Learning Controls: Single Button

A couple of things here. The Lock-On feature in the game might take you some time to get used to, but once it’s there you can be way more focused in teamfights when dealing damage, lifting out single targets more easily. You should also learn the Advanced Attack Controls so as to not attack the wrong targets.

Finally there’s the issue of the Automatic Basic Attacks. Oftentimes when playing you’d like this feature to be off to make sure you don’t unintentionally attack when you don’t want to. However when jungling and looking for ganks, it can significantly help you with time management and scouring the map for gank opportunities, as it can slightly automate the process.

Camera Sensitivity & Aim Assist

  • Minimap Hidden: Low
  • Minimap Shown: Mid
  • Aim Assist: Sensitivity Assist
  • Aim Assist: Valid Distance: Recommended
  • Aim Assist: Invalid Distance: Recommended
  • Aim Assist Sensitivity: Recommended

Further customization

If you’re not satisfied with how the controller layout has been designed, Pokémon UNITE does offer you the ability to change out keybinds. While the default design offers quite a solid experience, some players might find it helpful to experiment by changing around some of the layout through the Button Settings category.

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