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Battle.net gets visual overhaul

The hub for Activision and Blizzards games has received a visual update, making everything a little more easy to find and providing a better overview of all games. A much needed change, as the client has changed a lot in the past eight years.

The client itself went to quite a few changes in the new visual update. You’ll find a list of all the games you own and play at the top of the client instead (in the form of icons) of a Steam-like list on the left side of the screen. News, articles, trailers and more are now found in the center of the screen, with your friend list permanently opened up on the right hand side of the client. Accessibility in general has been improved too, making everything a lot more easy to navigate using your keyboard.

For now, the overhaul is only available for North American users but on their website Blizzard reveals plans for other regions as well. “The new patch will go out to parts of North America first so that we can ensure its stability. We’ll roll it out further in the weeks ahead, including to other player regions. This is just the beginning of new features coming to Battle.net; we’ll keep iterating, improving, and adding to the app over time. We’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve spent some time with the new app, and you can share your thoughts on the forums.“

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Image Credit: Activision Blizzard