B8's LastHero Detained
August 14, 2020

B8’s LastHero released by Belarus police after 3 day arrest

Update: LastHero has been released and is safely home.

After several days without contact B8 has now reported that their Offlaner LastHero has been released from detention.

The player himself also thanked the community for the support he received and confirmed his safety. He also said that he would share more details on the last couple of days going forward.

While LastHero’s release is a great relief, the protests in Belarus are still ongoing.

Original article from August 13:
The current protests in Belarus are also affecting the esports scene. Resident Belarusian Offlaner LastHero from Team B8 has reportedly been detained by the police.

While B8 would have liked nothing more to focus on their remaining matches in the OMEGA League, politics have caught up with the team founded by Dota 2 legend Danil “Dendi” Ishutin.

As unrest and protests have begun to flare up in the wake of Belarus’ disputed election, access to the internet has become unstable in the East European country. On August 10 B8 were forced to play with two stand-ins on their opening match against Cyberium Seed on August 10 as neither Oleg “LastHero” Demidovich or Dimitry “Fishman” Polishchuk could play.

LastHero is detained by the police

On August 12 things took a turn for the worse as the team lost contact with LastHero. He was last seen at Victory Square in Minsk with a couple of friends. According to eyewitnesses there were no violent protests there. At around 19:00 police officers approached LastHero and his friends and detained them for reasons unknown.

B8’s other player from Belarus, Fishman, tried contacting him in vain and current information stems from one of LastHero’s friends who has been released already. Apparently LastHero is being held in a preliminary detention facility in Zhodino near Minsk, but B8 has been unable to establish communications with him.

The organisation is asking that any additional information regarding their player to be sent to [email protected]

Other prominent Belarusian Dota 2 players like Nikita “Palantimos” Grinkevich have also been affected by the political unrest since election day August 9.

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Image Credit: B8
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