January 10, 2021

Awesome Games Done Quick raise $2,759,815 for charity

A full week of speedruns is over as this online edition of Awesome Games Done Quick reached its end. After all was said and done, Awesome Games Done Quick managed to raise $2,759,815 dollars for charity. This time around that charity was the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

That means the organization was able to surpass the goal that was set at the start of the stream, which was 2,5 million dollar. An incredible feat, especially because the entire event was played and streamed completely online due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the money raised, AGDQ has now raised over 30 million dollars of funds for charity since they’ve started the events.

On Twitter, Games Done Quick thanked everyone who decided to donate and looked forward to the next event this summer. “That wraps up what has been a phenomenal #AGDQ2021! Your support this entire week has been nothing short of spectacular, and we can’t thank you all enough! #SGDQ2021 awaits us, and details will come. We’ll have regular Hotfix content on our Twitch until then, so stick around!”

Awesome Games Done Quick managed to reach their goal during Eddaket’s Pokémon Blue speedrun. Because the goal was reached, an additional speedrun was added to the livestream, with ZFG playing Ocarina of Time. The event will return for their summer edition, but we’ll still have to wait a little longer until Games Done Quick releases more details.

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Image Credit: AGDQ
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