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Awesome Games Done Quick has started – Where can you watch it?

Fans of speedrunning rejoice! Awesome Games Done Quick returns with numerous famous speedrunners playing through games to collect money for charity. This time the charity is the Prevent Cancer Foundation and the event is sponsored by companies such as Twitch.

Fully online

Normally the stream and speedrunning would be done at a specific location, but thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic that wasn’t a possibility. Therefore this time Awesome Games Done Quick is done completely online. To offer fans a better experience, subscribers can join the crowd to help the runners and cheer them on via the website GamesDoneQuick.com

The event started off yesterday and will run the entire week, ending on Sunday January 10 and will feature speedruns ranging from games such as Mega Man and Pikmin to Diablo III and Resident Evil. The event features some of the most well-known speedrunners on Twitch and YouTube such as SpikeVegeta and MitchFlowerPower.

Where to watch?

You can watch the action going down on either the GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel or watch through their website. The schedule can be found by following this link. There are some exciting speedruns planned for today, such as numerous Sonic speedruns, a Darksiders run and a Yooka-Laylee run.

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Image Credit: Games Done Quick