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Atlanta FaZe complete their flawless run and win the first CDL Major

Dethroning Dallas Empire, Atlanta FaZe ended their weekend as the Major champions

Without dropping a single series for the entirety of the 2021 season thus far, Atlanta FaZe have completed their perfect stage one run, capping it off with a title win over former CDL champions Dallas Empire.

Dropping into the lower bracket after being 3 – 0ed by Atlanta in their first series, the Dallas Empire subsequently swept NYSL to secure a grand finals rematch. In the best of nine series, Atlanta FaZe came in hot out the gate by taking the first three maps of Dallas making it look like a potential full sweep. Showing how they maintained such dominant stats across every game mode, 100% on Hardpoint and 66%/75% round win rates on SND and Control all season long.

Dallas Empire managed to pick up a win in game 4 with Hardpoint on Checkmate, setting a commanding lead from the start that they refused to let go of. Huke put up a signature top fragging performance that we had yet to see, but struggle to replicate.

FaZe regained their hold over the series and prevented Dallas from gaining a consecutive win by dominating SND on Moscow, winning 6 – 1. FaZe showed that this was still far and away their best game mode, Abezy maintaining his CDL leading K/D on the game type at 1.38.

Their backs against the wall, Dallas Empire were one game away from falling to the team they once defeated to win the first CDL championship. The combined efforts of Illey and Huke gave Dallas another win in the series and a breath of life when they needed it the most, beating FaZe on Control 3 – 0.

The comeback was far-fetched and improbable, especially considering that game 7 was played on FaZe’s SND pick. Though putting up a marginally better performance than their first SND showing, FaZe cruised through the last round 6 – 2.


The most dominant team in the first two weeks of the CDL and now the Major champions, FaZe still have yet to be defeated in a single series. Coupled with taking revenge on Dallas, FaZe have cemented themselves as the undisputed best current team in the CDL.

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Image credit: FaZe Clan