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Atlanta FaZe claim their second Major tournament following win over NYSL

Atlanta FaZe redeemed their Stage II loss against Toronto Ultra, defeating the surging NYSL squad 5-2.

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Led by former champion James “Clayster” Eubanks, the surging NYSL squad had an impressive upper bracket run through the Stage III playoffs. NYSL were stopped in their tracks at the final hurdle however, unable to recreate their win over Atlanta FaZe as they ultimately lost 5-2.

An impressive showing on Garrison gave NYSL an early lead. Breaking away at the 4 minute mark, NYSL maintained a healthy +50 point lead. Clayster posted an impressive 26 kills but his 1:36 hardpoint time was the difference maker for NYSL. NYSL’s led in the series unfortunately did not last long as the next map on Checkmate equalized the series.

One of FaZe’s most contentious game modes, a close SnD win (6-5) brought the series to 1-1. Per usual, Chris “Simp” Lehr’s performance was integral to their SnD win, finding 12 kills, a defuse and plant.

The next two maps on Garrison Moscow saw FaZe start to pull away with the series. Momentum swung in Atlanta’s favor as a 3-0 sweep on Control carried over to Hardpoint, where a +120 deficit made a comeback appear unlikely. Backed into a corner, NYSL fought back into the series on SnD on Miami.

With a 5-0 start, NYSL took the map 6-3. Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez led his team’s efforts as his 11 frags accrued this early lead for NYSL. Back within a one game deficit, FaZe’s next two impressive showings snuffed out any hope of a comeback.

A close Control game on Checkmate (3-2) was once again followed by a blowout SnD match in FaZe’s favor. With their second Major win of the year, FaZe have once again displayed not just their dominance over the CDL, but their ability to recover and return to former heights.

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Image Credits: Atlanta FaZe