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Astralis receive €5000 fine by Riot Games after investigation

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, has decided that Danish esports organization Astralis will have to pay a fine of €5000. The fine is a combination of missing salary payments intended for the players and misconduct by the interim general manager of the organization.

Astralis was previously known as Origen within the LEC before rebranding to unify all their teams under the Astralis name. After some of members of the organization reached out about the missing payments Riot investigated the matter, citing “Danish jurisdiction and human error” as the culprit of the situation. 

Aside from the payment issues team members also reached out regarding the conduct of their interim General Manager at the time whose name wasn’t released. After the investigation it became clear that the General Manager “misrepresented some of the contract terms” as well as a case of verbal misconduct.

To remedy and resolve the situation Astralis will have to pay the €5000 fine as well as abide by some requirements brought forward by the LEC. This means, among some other things, Astralis will have to establish a means of communication so team members can air grievances towards the Astralis ownership group. They’ll also have scheduled calls with the LEC to check up on their progress and have received a warning regarding the “conduct unbecoming of an LEC team manager”.

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Image Credit: Riot Games / Astralis