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Are Epic Games and Apple burying the Hatchet? – Fortnite to return to iOS in Korea

A new Korean law has gone into effect that appears to have Epic Games and Apple on course for a reconciliation.

The ongoing legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple (and Google) since Auguest 2020 has seen the Battle Royale pulled from the respective App Stores as the feuding parties moved to the legal court.

What started as a disagreement over payment methods and how much each company makes from the in-game transactions soon spilled over into all-out war as both sides upped the stakes and tried to mobilize their fans.

Reconciliation via Korea?

Although the legal battle is still ongoing, there has now been a surprising development that could lead to a wider reconciliation.

Citing a new Korean law, Fortnite’s official Twitter announced that the developers have asked Apple to restore their developer account for iOS with the intention of re-releasing Fortnite for Apple platforms. The new law will apparently see both payment options side by side in-game.

Blueprint for a global settlement?

Apple has not officially responded anything yet, but it does look likely that Korean players will be the first to play Fortnite on their Apple devices again. Should this compromise between both parties work, it could also provide a way forward for both companies to settle their dispute without going through the entirety of the legal process.

But it remains unclear if this is truly the end of the lawsuit.

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Image Credits: Epic Games via YouTube
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