June 16, 2020
League of Legends

Aphelios and Yuumi will receive nerfs in patch 10.13

Tired of seeing Yuumi and Aphelios in almost every game you play? That might change with patch 10.13, as both champions face some serious nerfs after being so prevalent and strong the past weeks.

It’s a pretty common sight to see Aphelios take on the entire enemy team and come out victorious, not only in solo queue but also in professional play. Even though he has already received multiple nerfs and tweaks, the ADC remains one of the strongest and most dominant picks in the bot lane, if not the entire game. As previous nerfs didn’t have the desired effect, Riot Games may tweak Aphelios’ lifesteal once more.

One of the other champions that might just be a little too effective right now is Yuumi, made clear by her ridiculously high ban rate in patch 10.12 in all regions. After being buffed back in patch 10.3, increasing the damage of her Prowling Projectile and making her heal more effective, she is a very common sight in solo queue as well as professional play. She’ll also receive some nerfs in the upcoming patch, potentially scaling back some of the changes made in patch 10.3. Other champions that may receive some nerfs are Syndra, Ornn, Kalista and Cassiopeia.

Aside from champions that might a bit too strong, Riot Games is also planning to give a few champions some much needed power-ups. On this list are Gnar, Ryze, Yorick, Vi, Nocturne, Lucian and Rakan. Especially these last two are not in a good state right now, as Lucian currently sits on the lowest win rate of all ADC champions.

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Picture credit: Riot Games
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