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Among Us Surpasses 100 Million Downloads and 3,8 Million Concurrent Players

The gaming sensation Among Us shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Over the weekend the developers announced another mile stone reached for Among Us.

When the indie developer InnerSloth launched Among Us back in 2018, they probably did not expect the stellar rise the deduction game has had. Exploding in popularity ever since streamers and influencers picked the game up mid 2020, Among Us is now competing with the big name studios in terms of numbers.

The numbers presented are impressive even if they also count the mobile players. With millions of players and fans it comes to little wonder that the developers have decided to scrap a sequel and instead focus on improving the current game.

According to Among Us even made it to more than 400,000 concurrent players on Steam, putting it in the same league with titles like PUBG and surpassing the former sensation Fall Guys.

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Image Credit: InnerSloth/Steam