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Alphari to take break from competitive play until June 27

After being moved to the Academy roster last week, Team Liquid’s top laner will take a break from the competition until June 27.

Quoting performance and attitude issues to justify the line-up change, Liquid has now come forward saying that these issues caught the eye of the team in the pre-season practices.

Alphari’s issues are traced back to his personal life, and Liquid acknowledges it should have given him a break from professional play before the season began.

They owned up on the lack of clear communication regarding the situation but ensured their fans they’re working on a plan moving forward.

Liquid ended their statement with their full support of Alphari, hoping he can work out the problems in his personal life. They’re also hopeful their star player can find his motivation again. Jenkins, promoted to the LCS roster last week, will be filling in until June 27.

During the Spring Split, it was Alphari leading the way for Team Liquid, being regarded as one of the top players in the entire league. Not a small feat considering the explosive power of Team Liquid.

The team will now have to adapt to a top laner who might not have the same firepower. With players such as CoreJJ, Tactical, and Santorin, Liquid still has enough star power to share the burden of carrying games.

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Image Credit: Riot Games