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Alphari benched as Team Liquid reshuffles starting LCS roster

Team Liquid was fast to change their starting roster following the loss against TSM on the first day of LCS Summer Split.

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Head coach Jatt explained in a video on Twitter that Liquid would be using their academy top laner Jenkins in what he said to be “for at least the rest of the weekend”.

Alphari went 2/3/9 on Lee Sin in the loss and performed reasonably well. Nothing indicated he was being a liability to the team.

Feeling the above sentiment with the fans, Jatt went into a little detail expanding on the roster shuffle and was very clear that gameplay wasn’t the only reason going into this decision. A huge number of contextual factors went into the decisions, and making these factors public would be unfair, he said.

Jenkins has been playing for the Liquid Academy team for over two years now. As a part of the Academy team, he didn’t show the strongest of performances and failed to qualify for both Spring and Summer Split in 2020. In summer, TLA actually finished dead last with only three wins.

Jenkins will now have the opportunity to show he belongs in the LCS, as he will have at least the two remaining games this weekend to put in strong performances.

After this weekend, it’s anyone’s guess who will start topside for Team Liquid in week two. Their next matchup is against CLG, today at 7 pm CT.

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