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Alissa Violet says she’s owed shares in FaZe Clan and files lawsuit

Social media star and influencer Alissa Violet claims she’s owed shares in FaZe Clan and has gone on to sue the organization for breach of contract.

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According to Alissa Violet, she made a deal with FaZe Clan back in 2018. Within this deal it was said that shares would be traded between Clout Gang, which is the social media company co-founded by Violet herself, and Hubrick Limited. The latter was partnered with FaZe Clan at the time. The deal sought to improve and develop both of the businesses. The partnership between FaZe Clan and Hubrick Limited eventually ended, as both parties sued each other for fraud.

FaZe Clan and Alissa Violet had an oral agreement, Violet says, where she’d give up her stock in Hubrick, with her receiving FaZe Clan stock instead. She says that while she gave up all her stock in Hubrick, she never received shares in FaZe Clan. The organization has gone on to deny all the allegations within the lawsuit.

According to a statement received by The Washington Post, the attorney of Alissa Violet, Bryan Freedman, FaZe Clan did not keep their promise. “Faze Clan is being sued because it specifically promised to compensate Alissa when it asked her to relinquish her Hubrick stock and asked her to dismiss her claims against Hubrick and others. If Faze Clan simply abided by its promise to compensate her, Alissa would not have had to sue Faze Clan.”

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Image Credits: Alissa Violet