September 11, 2020

ALEX signs with Cloud9, $1.65 million deal made public

Cloud9 is working hard on overhauling its CS:GO division after announcing they’ll be letting their current roster go. Now they’ve signed Alex “ALEX” McMeekin as the first player for their new roster. Alongside the announcement itself, Cloud9 also publicly revealed the details of the deal.

After leaving Vitality due to stress from his busy travel schedule, ALEX has now joined Cloud9 in their rebuild. ALEX signed a 3-year contract in a deal that’s worth 1.65 million dollars. These details were revealed by new General Manager HenryG on Twitter yesterday as part of his philosophy for the team and organization.

“As controversial and unorthodox a move it may appear, I’m excited to be able to reveal far more specific details to his contract than you’ve ever heard in any past blockbuster deal” HenryG said. “I consider this a celebration of our investment into world class talent and long-term commitment to building a special team without players and the game that fuels my passion. I want this information to reflect my mission statement of forging a team built stronger than the rest and destined for the podium.”

Chances are we’ll get to see a bit more of the puzzle soon, with more players of the new Cloud9 roster being revealed. ALEX already talked about playing with other British players, which might give some hints towards new players for Cloud9.

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Image Credit: Cloud9
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