OMEGA League to return for Season 2
September 7, 2020

After Team Secret’s Triumph – OMEGA League Season 2 announced

Thanks to the OMEGA League Dota 2 fans worldwide had a tournament to watch in the absence of The International 10. As Season 1 concluded with Team Secret sweeping OG 3-0 fans can already look forward to the upcoming second season.

While the Dota Pro Circuit has seen better days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, third-party tournaments have stepped in to fill the gap. One of the most successful ones to date has been the OMEGA League hosted by WePlay! and several teams in cooperation. WePlay! has now confirmed a second season to start in October.

The OMEGA league not only garnered sympathies of the fans by having some of the best Dota 2 matches in recent times, but also by providing an entertaining broadcast with plenty of segments to keep the show running.

Season 2 begins in October

Qualifiers to the next season are set to begin on October 28 with the event stretching all the way to December 13. Although the format of the first season has not met significant complaints Epic Games product director Mark Averbukh has already teased changes to the format. According to dotesports the second season will see improvements done to make the competition even more enjoyable for fans.

While the total amount of teams will be reduced to 10, the groupstage will now feature a round robin group featuring every participant. To make up for the smaller numbers WePlay! has also adjusted the connections between Immortal and Divine divisions of the OMEGA League. There will be more Play-Ins between the divisions to reward the strongest teams from Divine and make a low placement in Immortal more punishing.

Confirmed participants for the second season are: Alliance, Team Liquid, Nigma, OG and Team Secret. Divine division champions FlyToMoon are also awaiting the newly qualified teams to face off for a spot in the Immortal division. More teams and broadcast talent will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Image Credit: WePlay!/OMEGA League via YouTube
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