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After sexual assault allegations: Edward Gaming responds

Edward Gaming, a popular esports organization hailing from China, has allegedly covered up a sexual assault that occured between two of their employees. The employee that allegedly became the victim of sexual assault took to Weibo, a popular Chinese social media website, to present evidence in the form of video and messages. Edward Gaming denies all accusations.

A translation of the original post by the Edward Gaming employee was posted to Twitter. In the post she talks about how she was sexually assaulted multiple times by a cameraman. She alerted management over at Edward Gaming, but nothing happened. “I hoped they could get rid of him; there was just no way I could work with someone like that. But the company didn’t do anything.”

The employee also presented evidence of the sexual assault in the form of messages between her and the management of Edward Gaming. It’s also implied the company attempted to pay her to keep her silent. She also posted a video containing an instance where ‘A Yuan’ (the accused), touches her inappropriately. 

Edward Gaming also posted to Weibo, denying all the accusations. According to Edward Gaming the employee made verbal comments about being harassed but failed to provide evidence for her claims. They also denied the former employee was paid to remain silent, instead saying the payment was a bonus for earlier video work. 

To close out their statement, Edward Gaming stated they conducted an investigation but found no evidence of sexual abuse or harrasment.

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Image Credit: Edward Gaming