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Activision Blizzard accused of shredding evidence of abuse

As the discrimination lawsuit against Activision Blizzard is expanding further, they’re now also accused of destroying evidence.

As the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard keeps on going, the state of California has now expanded the lawsuit to include treatment of temporary workers as well. Activision Blizzard has been accused of hiring contract workers to get around paying out benefits alongside offering very long hours and low pay.

They are also accused of not cooperating with the investigation, with the hiring of WilmerHale, a union-busting law firm, and their aggressive NDA agreements as examples. Furthermore it’s alleged that Activision Blizzard has actively had employees in human resources destroy documents that could be helpful to the investigation.

In a statement made to Kotaku, a spokesperson over at Activision Blizzard spoke out about the expansion of the lawsuit. In the statement they talk about making certain changes to keep the workplace safe for every employee, such as high-level personnel changes, greater transparency on pay equity, expanded and improved training for HR staff and more.

They also made a small statement about the diversity within the company and their efforts to celebrate diverse talent. ”We strive to be a company that recognizes and celebrates the diverse talents and perspectives that lead to the creation of great, globally appealing entertainment. We have provided the DFEH with clear evidence that we do not have gender pay or promotion disparities. Our senior leadership is increasingly diverse, with a growing number of women in key leadership roles across the company.”

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