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7 Crucial tips to planning your road to victory in Warzone – From start to finish

From drop to the final showdown, there are plenty of ways to improve your Warzone game. Here are some tips that could drastically help you from start to finish:

Drop quickly and with purpose

Being among the first to drop provides some obvious benefits. You will have the first pick over the best equipment in the area and get the drop on players who have either just landed or are still trickling down. You can drastically quicken your drop time by deploying your parachute before going into free-fall mode. This of course requires you to have a greater pre-existing knowledge of where you are going to land.

You’ll have to plan your game around your landing zone, however no matter if you are looking for a quiet spot to load up or trying to get in the middle of the action early, getting to the ground first will certainly yield better results no matter the endeavor.

Prioritize UAVs and UAV stacking

Information is vital to your success. You should prioritize getting a UAV before the first loadout drop. Likely, most players at this point will not have gotten their Ghost classes yet, therefore they will be completely vulnerable to UAVs. UAVs are not only an early game threat, but can actually stack to be just as effective in the later parts of a round. An entire squad stacking UAVs can expose some game winning information. The tool can be rather costly, however revealing your opponent’s positioning gives you an advantage that is undoubtedly worth it.

Get loadout drops – play for comfort

While UAVs are an incredible asset, you and your squad should also play for loadout drops. This allows your entire squad to pick one of their loadouts to equip mid-game. This means getting weapons you are familiar and comfortable with, giving you an intangible advantage over your opponents. The only downside of loadout drops is how vulnerable they make you to ambushes. While waiting for your drop, enemy teams may very well flock in your direction considering you will be forced to play defense. 

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Complete contracts

To finance these UAVs and Loadout drops, and the other useful tools, you will find the most success by completing contracts. These contracts can give you a wide variety of benefits, such as XP, loadout discounts, or specific drops. Contracts will undoubtedly provide you with in-game assets, however for players unsure of how to navigate the map, it can also give an amount of direction.

Plenty of players may still be figuring out the new map, Verdansk ‘84, and could stand to benefit from a series of short-term objectives while making some cash along the way. 

Spread the wealth

When you complete contracts (especially Scavenger contracts), every member of your team will receive a flat reward which, combined, is enough to purchase your first loadout. It is important to share wealth throughout the game however, as teams with more equally distributed equipment will be better suited for teamfights than squads where only one player is hoarding wealth. Ultimately, teamwork is key and ensuring your squad mates are just as prepped for a fight as you are goes a long way.

Be wary of flares

Redeployment signal flares indicate when a team is essentially ‘resurrecting’ a teammate that has been eliminated. Often, since this is such a highly advertised event in a sense, these moments can trigger massive team fights. Keep in mind that the respawning player is coming in with very little in terms of weapons and equipment, and the other squad is basically cornered by a capture point. This makes for an easy ambush by competing teams. Positioning yourself well could get you the drop on multiple squads, meanwhile if you are the ‘flaring’ team, be very cautious of opponents looking to take advantage. 

Gas masks – pros and cons

In all battle royales, as the active, playable zone shrinks, many players will opt to hug the outer ring. This strategy offers plenty of benefits, as most players caught in the poisonous gas are focused on fleeing rather than fighting. This strategy however necessitates the purchase of a gas mask in order to avoid an untimely end outside the circle. 

A few important things to note when using the gas mask: First, the standard gas mask only provides 15 seconds while the durable version provides at least 30. The gas mask can receive incoming damage and the animation of ripping off and putting on the mask will interrupt ADS. Though with its drawbacks, the ability to dip in and out of the circle can give you the advantage in countless gunfights, especially as the zone shrinks further.

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